Sunday, August 10, 2014


As I was in my meditation time with the Lord today, I encountered a Consuming Fire and next a Bright Light and then my spirit came in direct contact with God and I began to write: “Unless you have been broken by Me; you will possess a rough and tough character.” “When You encounter Me; you will be weakened and broken.” Then I heard what sounded like millions of people crying and moaning, the cries were deafening to my ears and they seemed to get louder and louder. I didn't know what else to do so I began to pray in the spirit and then in understanding. Loose the people, Oh God. No one can deal with them only you can. Release the captive and set them free. And then conditions began to be called out, (I will only name some of them here)……..Narcotics, Malady, Pestilence, Curse, Family, War and finally Death. (I encourage you to spend some time learning what the Bible has to say concerning these (7) seven conditions). To sum it up, My brothers and sisters, Christ has already redeemed us from these (7) conditions and it is up to you the Believer to stop trusting in material things, beliefs and lifestyles and trust in the Lord thy God. Christ is the Only WAY. Christ is the Only TRUTH and Christ is the Only LIFE. Without Christ you are lost because you have no WAY! Without Christ you are a liar because you have no TRUTH! Without Christ you are dead because you have no LIFE!  Lord, it stops today, (bow your head and if you can fall on your knees or lie prostrate on the floor), I surrender my life totally to You today Lord, right now; this very minute. I want to walk with You, talk with You Lord and be with You at all times. I want to be the finest of the wheat. Use me Lord, you have first place in my life. Dwell in me Holy Spirit and use me as an extension of Your Divine Kingdom. Father, Your will is done today on earth as it already is in Heaven. I thank You today and I claim hundreds, thousands even millions of souls who have just read and received this epistle, in Christ’s precious name.


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  1. Lord, I surrender every area of my life to live. I cannot do this without you I love you